Calling all old boys / girls and teachers from

St Augustine’s Primary School

Buy a Brick for the Denis Hurley Centre

Top Row – left to right : Anthony Stals and Ekkie Esau
Front Row – Left to right – Joan Stals, Daphne Goad, Angela Pienaar

An innovative fundraising campaign for the new Denis Hurley Centre also allows the former staff and students from St Augustine’s Primary School to leave a lasting legacy – literally cementing the connection between their alma-mater and the new social justice centre.

The derelict old Parish Centre building which currently stands on the site of what will become the Denis Hurley Centre, was at one time the St Augustine’s Primary School, prior to the school being moved to its present location in 1956.

Before the old Parish Centre gets demolished, several hundred bricks will be salvaged from the building.  These will be used to create a carefully-designed, counter in the new cafe. This statement structure will form a centre-piece in the airy cafe which will be one of the focal points in the new building.

The Denis Hurley Centre will provide an enabling environment for care, education and community building in one of the most diverse and challenging neighbourhoods of downtown Durban, alongside Emmanuel Cathedral, close to the busiest road and rail transport hub in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The Denis Hurley Centre will be a legacy project honouring Archbishop Denis Hurley OMI who was bishop and archbishop of this city from 1947 to 1992. He played a significant role in opposing apartheid and promoting the vision of a just  society.

The idea is to buy a brick for R100 which will be engraved and your name will be included on a plaque which will be prominently displayed in the coffee shop. If you are honouring departed staff and students, their name will be on the plaque. It is a limited offer, as it is anticipated that only 500 bricks will be needed to construct the counter.

Phase one of this legacy opportunity is at present only open to staff and students of St Augustine’s. In due course, should there be bricks still available for purchase, there may be a possibility that friends and family of the great St Augustine’s school community may also be able to buy bricks.

The counter will be designed by the architect, Gonz Prieto of Rubin Reddy Architects and constructed by ex-pupil and master builder, Tony Stals, and the project is being led by ex-pupil, Ekkie Esau and another ex-pupil who is secretary to the DHC team co-ordinators, Daphne Goad. For more info, or to buy your brick – contact Daphne on or tel 084 6066151.

“We invite you to help us make this ambitious dream a reality,” said Project Co-Ordinator Paddy Kearney.

tel – 072 806 4417








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