ADVENT PENITENTIAL SERVICEThe penitential service will be held at 10h00 on Saturday the 20 December. What better way to celebrate Christmas by getting rid of our sins like so many are getting rid of their money  over this season. Come and become an angel of GRACE< PEACE AND JOY—jingle jingle!
 NOVENA FOR OUR TROUBLED CHILDREN Starting from the 17th December, we will start a Novena to our lady to un-tire the knots. A favourate Novena of Pope Francis for all our children who are in trouble, unemployed, depressed, suicidal, on drugs, lonely, etc. Booklets for the Novena can be purchased at the repository from R20 included in the package there is a small picture of Jesus or one of the saints with prestic, you may put this picture on either of the front pedals of the church so that we may know how many children we are praying for.

A whole night vigil will be held on Thursday 31 December 2014 starting from  20h00 — 06h00 on 01 January 2015. This is our annual event celebrated as thanksgiving to for the blessings of the current year and pray for his protection and blessing for new year. We invite you and your family to join with us.


We have a new exciting programme for our Youth (16 – 21yrs) and Young Adults (22 – 35 yrs) starting in 2015. The first meeting will be held on 10 January 2015. We invite All those who would like to join the youth of the parish to join us. The first Youth Mass will be held on 11 January 2015.  Meeting will be held at Cathedral from 14h00, please come in numbers.


 The Clinic is closed , it will re-opens on the 5th January 2015 as we will be moving to the new Dennis Hurley Centre building.


 For all formation groups, a proposal date for the 16-18 January 2015 to be held at the Ukuphila Retreat Centre,  Bluff , the cost of R650 per person. Deposit is required by the end of November. Contact Mrs. Helen  Mchunu on  0724246070.  

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