Denis Hurley Centre Public Meeting

To mark the 9th anniversary of Archbishop Hurley’s death, Emmanuel Cathedral held a public meeting on Sunday 10 February 2013 to discuss progress in raising funds for the construction of the Denis Hurley Centre (DHC).

The service opened with a procession led by Cardinal Napier and Bishop Barry Wood; followed by representatives from the Hurley family, and organisations associated with the DHC, bearing wreaths to be placed at the Archbishop’s tomb.

Attendees were welcomed by Fr. Tully, who highlighted the importance of the meeting in  communicating the rationale behind the building of the DHC as well as in mapping out fundraising efforts and needs.
The DHC has programmes which service approximately 46000 people in the inner-city. Testimonies were heard from the beneficiaries of Job Linx, the Refugee Pastoral Care, Usizo Lwethu and the Nkosinathi Project. The accounts given illustrated the importance of the DHC in improving the quality of the lives of poor and vulnerable people in our society.

According to the progress report, the plans for the building have been finalized and are in the last stages of approval by the municipality before we can extending the invitation to building contractors to tender. 80% of the total building costs is required in order for construction to begin i.e. R23.1million of R28.9 million. So far, fundraising efforts stand at R22.2million. The immediate goal then is to raise enough funds to begin construction. Funds have been collected from parishes as well as overseas and local organisations.

Gratitude was extended to all those involved in the DHC by Mikaela York, niece of the late Archbishop. The Cardinal closed the meeting by emphasizing the themes of charity and justice in the building of the Centre. The DHC is a continuation of the ministry of social justice as initiated by Jesus Christ.

by Lungelo Mncwabe

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