The Cardinal has given permission for the public celebration of the Eucharist to take place provided that
all government, diocesan and parish protocols are observed.

1. Proposed date to reopen
Sunday 6th September 2020. This gives the parishioners time to book for a celebration of the Eucharist.
It also gives the parishioners enough time to become familiar with the parish requirements and restrictions
for the booking/attending the celebration of the Eucharist.

Here are some parish regulations which must be followed:

2. Number of people per celebration of Holy Mass
The maximum number of people allowed to gather is 50. This 50 will be made up as follows:
40 (parishioners) + 10 (celebrant, sacristan, commentator, compliance officer and compliance team).

3. Mass Times:
Saturday: 17h30
Sunday: 08h00 English and 10h00 IsiZulu
Tuesday: 09h00
Wednesday: 17h30
Thursday: 09h00
Friday: 09h00 and 17h30

4.Booking your place at Holy Mass

A parishioner must telephone or can come in person to the parish office between 08h30 and 12h00 and
request a seat at a particular celebration of Mass. They will be pre-screened by the receptionist. (They will
be asked the questions of the screening Sheet). A parishioner is only allowed to attend the Mass which
they have booked for. A parishioner is only allowed to attend ONE Mass per week. Only those who have
pre-booked will be allowed attend that mass.

5. Masks and Gloves:
The use of masks is compulsory. Your mask must be kept on at all times including during the celebration
of Mass. The use of gloves is not permitted during the celebration of Mass.

6. Over 60 years:
Those parishioners who are above the age of 60 are encouraged for now not to come to celebration of
Mass as they are considered a HIGH RISK, to themselves.

7. Under 18:
Those under the age of 18 are for now NOT allowed to attending the celebration of Mass. No under 18
will be allowed to wait in the vehicle while their parents attend the celebration.

8. Pregnancy:
Those who are pregnant also fall in the category of HIGH RISK and therefore are for now not allowed to
attend the celebration of Mass.

9. Temporary suspension of certain ministries
Due to COVID 19 and the regulations that govern our gatherings certain ministries will be temporarily
suspended. These ministries are: Ushers, Altar servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and
Choirs. The manner in which we celebrate the Mass has changed and as such the above ministers need

We thank God for this possibility to begin with the celebration of the Mass with people and we thank you
as well, dear parishioners, for having persevered during this difficult time. Please do comply to the
regulations that are in place and hopefully we will soon have more normal celebrations with lesser

Looking forward to see you as from the 6th  September 2020.

Yours sincerely,
Fr Sabelo and Fr Denardo

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