Zulu/English Classes


We want to make sure that the refugees from the Franco-phone region, e.g. from the Great Lakes, can communicate effectively with their English speaking employers, is offering them English Literacy classes.

The classes are fully subsidized by the Refugee Pastoral Care and run for six months:January to June and June to December. At the end of the course the students sit for a test which they have to pass in order to get a certificate which is recognized by the institution of higher learning. This integrates them into the local education system.

The classes run from 1600 hours to 1800 hours from Monday to Friday.


The greatest tool a person can have for integration purposes is the ability to speak a local language . In view of this fact, the Refugee Pastoral Care is offering Zulu literacy classes to all who need it. The classes are free of charges.

The classes run from Monday to Friday , from 1500 hours to 1700 hours.


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